Dr. Sherif Meleka

Dr. Sherif Meleka is a Pain Management specialist in practice at the Greenspring Station since July 2005.

He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine (1988) and Pain Medicine (1995). Dr. Meleka finished Internal

Medicine training at The Brooklyn – Caledonian Hospital in 1988. He practiced Internal Medicine for

three years, then served as a Clinical Fellow in Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (1991-

1992). He completed a Research Fellowship in Neurological Surgery (1992-1993), then An Advanced

Specialty Training Program (1993-1994), at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was

promoted to Assistant Professor with the Departments of Anesthesiology, and Neurological Surgery,

until June 1995. He then moved to Greenspring Station, a satellite location of The Johns Hopkins

Hospital where he founded the Ava Mina Pain Clinic.

Our Practice


We are dedicated to helping patients in pain. Taking a multi-facted approach of laser therapy, injections, and non-narcotic medications. Dr. Meleka will take his time to listen, examine, and diagnois the problem or problems that cause pain. 

Before we take on any new patients we request medical records and most recent imaging reports before we set up an inital consultation. The medical records maybe faxed to 410-583-2913.

We do NOT take over prescribing narcotics 


What Patient's have to say about our practice: